eFitness365: Fit to Live is colorful, inviting, and educational for a wide variety of students.
Lessons include:
  • Target Heart Rate Zone
  • Goal Setting
  • Body Composition
  • F.T.T.T. Principle
  • Fitness Planning
  • Food Diary
  • Portion Control

eFitness365: Fit to Live

This exciting online course engages students in quality physical education in a unique interactive learning environment.

Students are engaged mentally through online course work, interaction with fellow students and the professor, as well as physical activities. Activities include Pilates, resistance training, yoga, and interval training. This course encourages students, enhances self-esteem, and creates greater physical ability.

This is the perfect course to encourage fitness and health for homeschoolers, students with busy schedules, and those who wish to become self-motivated. 

To get started, we offer free workouts. If you like these workouts  or for more information on how to bring this online course to your campus, please contact me. 

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