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Twelve Step Program
This is a great total body workout. It builds from simple to hard, adding more moves as you progress for greater results.
Push Ups All Day Long!
Here is a way to incorporate fitness in your life—just make a grid and fill it in with the number of push ups you complete throughout your day. At the end of the day, add up your total and be amazed.
Basic Training
This is a set of two workouts that maximize your fitness results with minimal time involved.The workouts are fast and easy. Concentrate on form and increasing the weight you lift each week. Alternate between Basic Skills Workout #1 and #2, each time you work out.
Napa Valley College: Online Fitness Class 
Kick in the Pants Workout
Strong glutes help provide strength, speed, and endurance to your activities.They also help to prevent lower back pain. Enjoy this workout but expect pain!
Speed Abs
Short on time but eager for great results? Set your timer for 30 minutes and see how many repetitions you can complete of this total body workout! Enjoy!
Pull Up Challenge
Pull ups are terrific strength builders but they can be challenging. Click on this workout for a three step plan to help you conquer this exercise. You'll build grip, arm, back and core strength.
Fast & Furious Workout
Intensity is one of the most important factors in fitness. Exercising vigorously has the unique ability to aid in longevity, blunt appetites, and improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Shorter workouts also encourage more activity since it takes you less time to perform. Enjoy this quick intense workout!
Magic Core Workout
This excellent workout focuses on the scientific principle of working your core in the most effective manner possible, distributing the work 50 percent to the lower abs, 30 percent to obliques, and 20 percent to upper abs. Work on form and getting the work done so that you will enjoy the results.
Ab Workout
Abs of steel. You know you want them. Now is the time to incorporate a solid ab workout into your routine. These exercises are powerful but everything depends on how hard you work. Train like you want to get results. Picture your goal. Work hard....Get results. Bam!
Interval Workout
Interval training allows you to get more done in less time. The trick is during the hard efforts you need to really go all-out. You must focus and stay determined to work during the entire segment. At most, it is 4 minutes. Watch your heart rate or monitor your perceived effort. Then, back it off for two minutes and prepare for the next effort. With interval training you can burn more calories,improve aerobic capacity, and increase speed and endurance ability.
Intensity Counts
Gretchen Reynolds, in the New York Times, describes how to calculate your fitness age. Basically, the number of times you work out and how hard you workout (the intensity) impact how well your body functions compared to how well it should function, based on your actual age. This workout lets you choose- need a quick total body workout? Do the exercises on the left only. Want to add some cardio? Add the exercises in the right column. You pick the intensity but remember, the more you do, the better results you will get.
Playground Workout: Make it Fun!
Get outside and have some fun with this workout! You'll need a bench, stairs, a low bar (like what kids climb up to get to the top of the slide) and monkey bars. This is a great workout that incorporates aerobic conditioning with strength and conditioning. Enjoy!
Amazing Abs
This is a great workout for when you are short on time but still want to maximize your results. Work on form, make each move count, and get the work done. Enjoy the results!
Pilates Workout
Here is a 30-minute introduction to Pilates—Enjoy!
60 Second Strength and Cardio Workout
Short on time? With this workout you can accomplish a lot in a short time period. Grab a stopwatch or your phone and perform each exercise for 60 seconds. Quickly move to the next exercise. At the end of one set (10 exercises), rest for 30 to 60 seconds and then repeat all 10 exercises up to four times. Enjoy!
Killer Core Workout
Do this workout at a steady pace, pounding out the reps (lucky thirteen!) and then repeat. Your core will feel it each time you do the Killer Core Workout....and the day after too!
Side by Side Strength
This workout focuses on single arm strength exercises- you start with a single weight in one hand and then repeat on the other side. Grab a heavy dumbbell and go to work. You may want to use several different dumbbell weights depending upon the exercise. By working each side of your body independently you will help kick your stabilization system into action, work your core, correct muscle imbalances and improve coordination. Enjoy!
Core Conditioning Workout
This workout should be performed fast and furious, while keeping an eye on form. It is a fun workout so add your favorite tunes, as you blast your core muscles. You will love the results!
5-4-3-2-1- Workout!
This is a fun workout that combines cardio with strength exercises. It is timed, so have your phone or stopwatch ready! Enjoy!
Ultimate Power Workout
This is a great workout to focus on form and strength. Challenge yourself to lift heavier weights. Track your progress so you can enjoy your success. This workout includes squats, a great way to build stronger glute muscles to help with speed in other sports, as well as assist in stabilizing your core.

Super Strength Workout!
You'll enjoy working your whole body with this combination of strength and balance. You might be able to make all sorts of excuses for not doing these particular exercises or the number of reps but at the end of the day it is better to make progress rather than excuses. As you perform this workout try to increase the amount of weight your are lifting to challenge yourself. It is a tough workout but keep with it so that you can enjoy the results.
Countdown to Fitness
This workout focuses on five easy to do exercises that work your whole body. The catch is the number of repetitions- by the end of the workout you will have performed 55 of each exercise. Success!
Less is More Workout!
Sometimes workouts can just be too! Looking at a weight room full of equipment can be exhausting in itself. This workout scales fitness back to three simple-to-perform exercises that will work your entire body. With this workout you can work hard without the need for any additional equipment. Enjoy!
Strength: Form & Function Workout
You'll want to head to a gym or your friend's garage to do this workout. The focus is on lifting. Go heavy, work on your form, and work on doing more/better each time you try. Enjoy!
CORE: Strength/Flexibility/Endurance
This workout will help you gain strength and flexibility and endurance. It is a challenge but you can adjust the difficulty based upon the weight you choose to use. Body bars are great to start with for the overhead reverse lunges and bent over rows, and work up to using a standard weight lifting bar. Depending on your strength, you can then add weights to the bar. Challenge yourself to work a bit harder each time for best results. 
Super Fly Workout
Ever want to just conquer a goal? To some, that means swimming a mile fly. This is a tough but worthy accomplishment. Being in condition to accomplish this goal entails working to help protect and strengthen your muscles. This workout is great for arms, shoulders and core.
Go Heavy & Build Strength
This workout will torch body fat and make your arms, shoulders, and legs burn. Pick you weights so that you are maximizing your effort. It is an intense workout that will deliver results. Enjoy your work!
The Basics
This workout addresses the basic movements your body needs for fitness. It starts (ironically) with a static plank- an excellent core exercise that is easy on your back. Next, you will push, pull, squat, step, and rotate. Try to do two sets of fifteen of this supercharged workout for a great total body effort. Enjoy!
Bike Workout
This is a great workout to help you ride faster and stronger. It will help add power to your riding and adds lateral work to help balance your body. As Mark Allen said, "Eat right. Get lots of sleep. Drink plenty of fluids. Go like hell."
A Test of Your Fitness
This workout combines our favorite exercises with two timed fitness tests (push ups and sit ups). Try it out and see how you do compared to the scale included in the workout. Remember to log your results so that next time you do the workout you can applaud your success. We are cheering you on!
Math Curse!
It's a crazy name for a workout but to sum it up, you will perform 10 sets of 10 different exercises at a fast clip....that's right: 10 x 10 = 1000! This is a tough one, but focus on your results and make the effort to get the work done. In the end, you will be glad you did!
Total Body Workout
This started off as a party game and ended as a serious workout.  It hits every part of your body. 'Nuff said.
Force 7 Workout
Not sure how many times to do an exercise?  Experts suggest 12 to 15 reps for strength, 20 plus to lose weight, and 50 plus to gain endurance. In this workout, pick a "magic number" for the day (5? 10? 15?) and complete each exercise that many times before going  on to the next. You'll be a force!
World's Best Workout!
Research from the American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal (May-June,2013) boasts the importance of high interval circuit training (HICT). We combined this concept with exercises that others have touted as "the single best exercise" to give you the World's best workout. It should be performed at a quick pace, with an intensity level of 8, on a scale of 1 to 10. Try it, you will enjoy the results of your work!
Red, White & Blue!
This is the workout if you are interested in a total body workout that is tough but rewarding. Each exercise is timed, and has been picked for either endurance or strength. You will find this workout effective if you are interested in shaping up or shipping out! Make sure you keep track of your results so that you can repeat and beat your earlier efforts. Enjoy!
Fabulous Abs!
It seems as if everyone wants to focus on a different part of their body to work on, but most all of us can agree that great looking abs are, well, great!  Here is an intense workout that will get your heart pumping and your abs strong.
Get 'Er Done!
You know those workouts you love to hate? This is one of those! It is mind numbingly hard in the beginning, with three separate sets of exercises that you work down from 10 with one exercise, and up from 10 for the other- it sounds confusing but it helps keep you mentally strong while you are getting physically fit. The core strength work is a great addition, plus you get to lay down! Enjoy!
Pilates Workout
Pilates is fabulous for lengthening and strengthening your muscles. This workout will help you focus on technique, while enjoying the full Pilates experience.
Race Tune Up
Preparing for a mud race? This workout will get you ready to dive in and cross the finish line with ease. This race tune up workout is a full week of training, that will help you build strength, agility and endurance. 
Core Strength Workout
The center of your training. This core strength workout is designed for all levels to achieve a stronger core, reduce back pain, and gain greater results in other activities.
The Ultimate Back Exercises

Dr. Stuart McGill, professor of spine biomechanics suggests simple exercises for healthier backs. Click below to see these simple exercises.
Shock the System
Sometimes the best workout is one that makes you go all out, forcing you to work hard and bringing you great results. This workout is great to get you out of your old rut, whether you are training for a mud race, core strength, or general conditioning!
Strength, Sculpt, and Stretch
Balanced workouts should include strengthening exercises and stretching, This feel good workout gives you the opportunity to flex your muscles, sculpt your core, and stretch your body. You will enjoy greater core strength and overall better fitness.