Students interact with each other during the class to help motivate and encourage one another. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the eFitness365 course work?

Each week students are given a lesson about that unit's subject. Topics range from nutrition to stress reduction. In addition, each week there are three separate workouts to enjoy. Students will learn how to check their pulse early in the course and learn about exercise intensity. Fitness levels are checked at the start and end of the course to make sure progress is being made.

In addition, students use the eFitness365 workbook to log food intake, track fitness, and input goals. 

What sort of activities are involved?

The goal is to expose the student to as many new activities as possible so they will learn to lift weights, run, take part in interval training, do yoga and Pilates, and even cardio kick boxing. We want to give the student a taste of many activities in hopes that they will find an activity they enjoy enough to incorporate into their daily lives.
What about motivating the students to participate?

Not only does eFitness365 motivate the students to move, we also teach them enough about health and fitness and goal setting to motivate themselves to move. Plus, there are virtual cafés within each lesson in which students interact with other students for more encouragement. Workout results are reported each week as well. 
How are students monitored?

eFitness365 has incorporated various checkpoints within the course to verify student activity. We monitor heart rate, fitness results, and progress.